Compared to existing MSW treatment solutions, WT ENERGY systems provide clients with a number of profitable, and most importantly sustainable, advantages:

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
    Public and private entities can benefit from a greener image by incorporating WtE systems into their waste management programs and thus contributing to the preservation and betterment of the local community.
  • Reduced Capital Expenditure
    The cost per ton to build a new plant is significantly lower than the investment required to build a modern incinerator facility, while the energy output is double that of traditional systems.
    In addition, our WtE systems produce ‘renewable energy resources’ making them eligible for numerous government tax incentives and benefits.
  • Reduced Operational & Management costs
    Thanks to WT ENERGY’s patented software controlled system and low-energy consumption processes—not to mention self-sufficient system that can be configured to run on cogenerated energy, the operational costs (personnel, electricity, maintenance, depreciation) are significantly lower than existing traditional plants.
  • Reduced Waste Tourism
    WT ENERGY’s systems can be built to fit any size requirement, which means they can easily be implemented in local communities to reduce waste collection, distribution and transportation costs.
  • Increased Revenue
    WT ENERGY systems pay for themselves, with a high energy output (compared to traditional systems) and relatively low management costs, all that remains from: tipping fees, energy sales and material recycling is valuable income.
  • Cleaner Environment
    WT ENERGY systems are sustainable, environmentally friendly processes specially designed to produce more energy while consuming less. Through our innovative technology, waste is not burned but treated via mechanical, thermochermical and biological sub processes to produce clean, reusable energy and recycled materials that ultimately benefit the environment.
  • New Job Opportunities
    Municipalities and private companies can stimulate local economies and support surrounding communities by creating new employment opportunities for qualified young professionals.

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