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WT Energy SMEA Srl is an engineering & Procurement Company, that offers an innovative concept able to recycle and convert sorted and unsorted Municipal Solid Waste to energy. The technologies includes sorting line and press-extrusion, anaerobic digestion system and a VLE (Very Low Emission) steam boiler.

Our technical experts developed a double stage system and a new remote control software which maximize the energy output from anaerobic digestion.

This technology, coupled with press extrusion and other specific equipments, guarantees the optimal performance in processing organic waste from MSW or from agricultural biomass.

The VLE steam boiler is able to convert numerous materials (RDF, medical waste, biomass, some industrial wastes) into electrical and thermic energy, in compliance with the strictest environmental regulations.

Finally, our team of engineers honed their skills in the engineering of distilleries  with related energy recovery as well as in wastewater treatment facilities.

WT Energy supplies customized, performance-oriented waste-to-energy solutions, contact us and we will be pleased to show you how.

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