A typical LFG collection plant in an existing landfill with approximately 1. 000. 000 tons of waste requires a capital expenditure of 1. 6 – 1. 8 million euro (depending on location, local engineering costs, fees and permits). Final thoughts I am no designer, but after a year of reviewing web apps, I am pretty sure the selection of tests available is quiet comprehensive and should cover all the bases; Based on current Italian tariffs and fees, a system of this size which has the capacity to produce 320 KWh, or 2,8 GWh of electrical energy per year, could generate a yearly ROI of up to 500. 000 euro (pretax). This translates into an IRR on investment of more than 25% and a linear payback period of roughly 4 years.

Capital Expenditure € 1. 6 – 1. 8 M
ROI pretax € 0. 5 M
I. R. R. Investment +25%
I. R. R. Investors +120% (based on equity/debt ratio of 20/80)


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